Well hello there! My name is Mike and I just wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you to my little home on the net.  I’m a software engineer and part time writer living in Vancouver, BC and I created this blog as a place to share my random thoughts and musings about various topics. I’ll try to keep everything light at heart but please do forgive me in advance if I occasionally take opportunities to use this place as my own personal soapbox! Hopefully for my readers sake (if I ever actually get any regular readers besides my wife) these times will be few and far in between.

Did I mention I was a software engineer? Yeah, it’s probably one of the most boring jobs on the planet so I do promise to never bore you with anything work-related. I do however have to share my favorite work related joke with you…

How many software engineers does it take to change a light bulb?
None. That’s a hardware issue.

Uh, yeah. I promise not to tell anymore jokes either.

Alright, so you know a little bit about me. With that out of the way I thought I would get started on a fun post about some of my favorite things that I love about this amazing city I live in. (Vancouver, BC for those of you not paying attention).

Things to do in Vancouver, for visitors and residents alike:

  • Stanley Park – One of my favorite places in the city. There is nothing like a nice long walk or bike ride through Stanley Park. If you’re from out of town, do yourself a favor and check it out. Very relaxing way to spend the day.
  • The Granville Island Brewing Co. I’m a beer guy and these guys have some of the best brews around. I’ll be blogging a lot about local Vancouver craft beer, so you’ll hear more about Granville Island Brewing Co. in the future. All I will say right now is that if you haven’t been there before, stop reading this and go now. Just do it. The entire Island is a great place to explore, but you must visit this Brewry. Try the Lions Winter Ale. After a few of them, try the capilano suspension bridge. (note: do not actually do this last part. I am not responsible for your health or well being should you choose to)
  • Sticking with Granville Island for a moment… Check out the market while you’re there. Super cool place.
  • Commercial Drive. Yeah it might be a bit touristy, but this list is for tourists as well. You’ll find lots of cool shops and restaurants here. Havana would be one of my recommendations for this area.
  • For views and scenery, you must visit Jericho beach.
  • After you’ve done all this, grab another Lions Winter Ale from the Granville Island Brewing Co (and one for me please!).

That’s it for now folks… Not the greatest first blog post I am sure, but take it easy on me… I’m just getting warmed up here.